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Best Meme EU, Male, 27, from Denmark


ForeverPlay will be temporarely down. Hopefully back up within the hour :) Oct 22, 2017

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    1. ForeverOka
      hey hyriell I love the server and i love how your doing so much for the players and i wanted to say keep it up and tell the owners hi for me thx :D
    2. Zalah1981
      Hi Hyriell, I seem to have a problem with the resourcepack that is used on your ForeverPlay server. The pack I have been trying to use is missing textures and some things don't seem to work. two of the things that don't work is Profile editor, and the resource pack won't work directly unless I type "/resource" in the chat, If you could can you help me fix these problems.
      1. Hyriell
        You might need to type /rphelp and clear your server-resource cache.

        You can alternatively just download a local version of the texture pack by typing /rpdownload.

        Some textures are missing because some textures where removed I believe. Will be fixed in 4.0 :)

        Profile Editor has been disabled, which is why the npc is also gone lol
        Mar 13, 2018 at 10:15 AM
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    3. Pepsiboy1000
      Hello Hyriell i got Perm Ban since 2017.08 do i have chance to get back yes i griefed but i miss the server so much.
      I will be thankfull if I can get back thank you!
      I made ban appeal
    4. RealCreeperGamer
      Hi Hyriell! How are you?
    5. Pallypower
      I got kicked from ur server by one of ur mods..for no reason!! wtf man...
      1. Hyriell
        You where kicked for Miuse of shout :P So there was a reason. Kicks arent the biggest issue either, they're generally just considered "Warnings".
        Feb 21, 2018
    6. Kaitlynn
      Hello... Hyriell....Can you message me Personally...~banned~
    7. FOXYGIRL564
      I need to talk to you on Discord.
      It's about the fact I got banned and I want to do a Ban Appeal. But would it work since I got Perm Banned.
      MistressBlue looked through my Diary which said stuff about my day and the fact that my class was running around with knives trying to kill each other.
      I also made a grave for Rose. But I didn't have a picture taken by MistressBlue about the grave.
      Please reply soon.
      1. Hyriell
        Make a ban appeal like everyone else. We wont deal with any ban related issues if a user spams our walls with it :)

        Im pretty sure you know exactly what you're done though, so don't play stupid games with me.
        Jan 14, 2018
    8. ThatGuyBarney
      How is your day going?
      I hope it is good, and I like your picture.
    9. ThatGuyBarney
    10. AaronLeDurpnut
      Hey Hyriell, Is the Christmas coupons still available since still in December or have they been deactivated..?
      1. Hyriell
        They have been disabled as it isnt christmas anymore :P
        Jan 1, 2018
    11. PainlesRejection
      Hello, I'm not sure where to post or who to tell it but I would like this account that im writting on removed :/ I somehow decided make account without connecting it with my actual minecraft account and would like it to just be removed since I cannot do so some reason.
    12. Noah
      Hyriell I'm trying to get unbanned but all the staff is saying go to ban appeal forums and I do and I click ban appeal and then it says closed appeals or something about closed when i click ban appeals so I don't know what to do if it says closed when I click ban appeals.
    13. WinterLucy1
    14. milla
      I bought a goddess tag with that chrismas1 voucher and its been 4 days and i haven't got it
    15. UnavailableKenny
      It would mean a lot to me if you could un-ban me I am extremely sorry and I have learned my lesson on why I should not be annoying people anyway... I have learnt that it is forbidden and I have learned from earlier experiences that this server is better than others I will stop with this bad behaviour Thank you very much Hyriell if you do read this.
    16. UnavailableKenny
      Hello, I have noted I have been extremely rude in the past. I am extremely apologetic and I would love it if I could get another chance to get to make up to the community... I am sorry for my behaviour and I would like to prove I could do better if not I will take my refund and move on as you could see from my ban you will notice what I have done wrong and I noted why you are now mad.
      1. Hyriell
        Dec 1, 2017
    17. Pyroxium
      Need to get in contact asap concerning one of your players, its important.
    18. Hyriell
      ForeverPlay will be temporarely down. Hopefully back up within the hour :)
    19. Swifty
      So I can read it
    20. Swifty
      This might sound stupid but how where is the ban appeal formats...?
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