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    1. FpISGREAT
      Can you unban me
    2. CoyotesAtDusk
      Hi this is CoyotesAtDusk I purchased the MVP+ rank a couple days ago and there are a few items missing, 4 hats, the husk disguise and the rabbit disguise that i have doesn't let me transform. Whenever I try to do commands that are real commands it always tells me that they are unknown ones. Also when I try to add friends to my friend list it say unknown command. Thanks!
    3. xX_NickPlayz_Xx
      Hey Janakin i need help with something, I had the blaze disiguise then i left the server for 2 months and then it dissapeard can u help me out with returning it or something??
    4. Hqrmful_
      Hi Janakin, I have a problem with the MVP that I bought.. I got my fly, rank tag and my coins but I never got my particles,hats,tag and disguises.. How can I fix that?
    5. miamisi
      how download mod???
    6. Zalah1981
      Hello Janakin, I seem to have a problem with the resourcepack that is used on your ForeverPlay server. The pack I have been trying to use is missing textures and some things don't seem to work. two of the things that don't work is Profile editor, and the resource pack won't work directly unless I type "/resource" in the chat, If you could can you help me fix these problems.
    7. milla
      i bought a goddess tag with that chrismas1 voucher and its been 4 days and i haven't got it
    8. XxsKrTnAhxX
      Hello Janakin!! :D I was wondering if u could help me :) I bought vip+ and received the 500 coins, but not the vip+. So if you could help me I would be truly grateful! <3
      1. ZombiePandah
        Please send an email to foreverplay.net@gmail.com with proof of purchase, and explaining what happened. Thank you!
        Nov 26, 2017
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    9. FlairGaming
      Hi I just joined and I want to say I am sorry for doing bad stuff on Foreverplay and I didnt know that you can actually swear I wanted to test it out but once I said it I got banned for a day and 59 minutes I just wanted to tell you that I am very sorry and I could at least gotten kicked and warned not to do that at all
      1. ZombiePandah
        We watched you, intentionally trying to bypass the chat filter, on multiple occasions. Posting on the owners wall, is NOT the place to do this. Please wait out the ban, and take this time to read over the rules. Thank you very much. :)
        Nov 8, 2017
    10. Emmahorse7
      Hi, Janakin So I was wondering if i can do a rp on this server privately with my friends for youtube like how funneh did it let me know if its possible thanks
    11. Salamander
      Hey, I was wondering if the server had like a build team that works on the map.
    12. Luke34205
      How do you apply for staff again i have forgoten.
    13. AmyNoble
      how do i get unbanned? please i want to come back to FP but i have to get my permanent ban.
    14. Noah
      Janakin i was permanetly banned for bypassing perm ban but im sorry for what i did, i didnt mean to cuss im sorry, i just got triggered and mad, i have mental issues, is there anyway for me to get unbanned?
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      2. AmyNoble
        i have a permanent ban to :( i want to go back but like i dont think the will let us
        Aug 31, 2017
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      3. Noah
        i was perm banned on my brothers account it was TylerDaSavage
        Sep 1, 2017
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    15. winter :3
      winter :3
      Janakin what's your favorite desert mines icecream :333
    16. Princess4forever
      when I go on the server and I click on roleplay its say its outdated and on 1.11.2 please help
      1. Janakin
        Just make sure to choose 1.11.2 when you log in to Minecraft then :)
        Aug 20, 2017
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    17. RedDragonMA
      Janakin im trying to ban Appeal but it wont let me
    18. RedDragonMA
      Whats going on with the Server?
    19. Kane
      it wont let me go into creative, roleplay, or skyblock and whenever i try to go into one of the server option things it wont let me go in and it always kicks me
    20. hyperskygamez
      i was perm muted by hyriell today. im really sorry and realised what i did was wrong. i am really sorry for what i did and i want to know if i can get unmuted. please unmute me im acctualy crying while writing this.
      please im really sorry for what ive done. i just dont want to be perm muted.
      username xXcrushcraftXx.
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    Hi there! I am Janakin, one of the two owners of Foreverplay.
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