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    Hey Everyone! We wanted to update you all on a few things regarding applying for staff on our Network. As of today, March 12th, your application statistics are being reset. What this means is that if you’ve applied within the past 60 days, that is no longer counting toward your wait time. So as long as you haven’t been disqualified from being staff, you’re free to apply again as of today.

    Moving forward, there are new rules when applying for staff. The wait time until you can submit another application is being lowered to 30 days/1 month. So this will mean if you apply and are denied you can re-apply in 30 days now, not 60 like previously. We also are adding a 3 strike rule, that will go into effect when you apply before the wait time is complete. After you reach your 3rd time, you will no longer be eligible for staff on the Forever Play network.

    While we are on the topic of staff applications, we thought we would also clarify a few things:

    *Before you apply, please read the Requirements, Common Denial Reasons and Terms of Staff at the top of the application page. This information is there to help guide you through the process and we highly recommend you do so.

    *Please answer the questions on the application truthfully. There is no need to lie on the application and will result in instant denial.

    *Country & Timezone : On the application is asks for you to provide these for us. This means the Country you currently live in, and the Timezone. This does not mean the state or City. And when we ask for Timezone, we mean like EST, CST, or GMT+2 etc. To help, we are including the Country and Timezones of a few staff.

    Hyriell: Denmark; GMT+1
    MistressBlue: USA; CST
    ZombiePandah: USA; EST

    *How much time can you dedicate to your staff duties every week? : This question is asking, during one whole week, how many hours will you have available to be on the ForeverPlay network to staff?

    *Someone is advertising what would your course of action be? This is referring to advertising another server or their own server/realm on the ForeverPlay network. This does *not* mean advertising their roleplay.

    Staff application link:

    If you have any further questions about applying for staff on the ForeverPlay network, you can contact either MistressBlue or ZombiePandah on the server’s Discord or here on the forums.

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