Easter 2018 In-game Events!

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    Heyo Everyone!

    We're very happy to announce that our Easter Event is now live! :D

    Further down on this post you will be able to see our new cosmetic options! Some of them can be obtained via our web store and others will be given via in-game events! For more info, scroll further down!

    Remember there is a 40% Sale on our store until Easter ends on Monday!

    With that being said, we hope you all have a wonderful Easter and a great Spring Break! <3


    Easter 2018 Cosmetic Bundle

    Again this year we have a new Limited Easter Cosmetic Bundle! This year's bundle includes a "Giant Pink Peep", "Rave Bunny Ears" and a "Blue Spring Flower"!

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Find all 50 Easter eggs hidden across our Roleplay map! Each found egg will give you an Easter Key which can be used at /spawn! The keys will give you random rewards. Left-Click the Easter Chest at spawn to view all rewards!

    Find all 50 eggs to get our Limited Edition FREE Prop, the "Easter Basket"!

    The Eggcellent Easter Maze

    Reach the end of our Easter Maze to win a Limited Edition Exclusive Tag! This maze will only be here till the end of April 1st, so do your best to complete it before then! Finishing the Maze will also give you a Gold Key that can be used at /spawn!

    We hope you you enjoy our Easter/Spring update and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

    The ForeverPlay Staff Team​
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    What are we looking for?
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    You look for Easter Eggs around the map (there's 50 in total)