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    Hey everyone!

    This weeks update is not super huge, there are a few important things to announce though, i.e some of our staff changes!

    Read more about them further down on the post!

    Roleplay Progress

    The progress on 4.0 has been going quite well! We have been adding more buildings and planned out new areas, plus found a lot of inspiration for real-life buildings we want to include on the map!

    Anyhow, here's a few screenshot of this week progress of the new RP Map:

    One of our streets down by the beach is nearing completion! This area will have a lot of pretty areas in general with both Roleplay "shops/cafes" and apartments for you to rent:D


    Here's a new RP area you will be able to explore as well! I present to you, Blue Cake! If you're looking to start a RP in a beautiful little Bakery/Cafe area, then this will definitely be the place for you!


    Here's a close up of one of our new RP areas, our little Italian Restaurant, Zams! If you're a huge fan of Italian food and that's your dream RP, then look no further! :D

    This will be a place where we will be putting a new park! I am tempted to make this a park that has a huge monument of sorts, hopefully there will be more progress on this next week :D

    RP Server Changes
    After a lot of headaches, we have finally managed to fix our Tablist!
    The tablist will now be shown with a
    hierarchy, putting Staff first on the list, then donator ranks!

    RP Server has also had some performance tweaks and general updates done, but this is nothing you should notice. :)

    Staff Updates

    This week we have quite a few staff related changes!

    I have decided to re-structure all our Manager positions and put them under one wing instead.

    This means that MistressBlue and ZombiePandah have been promoted from Staff Managers to Managers. They still have the same expertise areas (Staff Managers), but will be helping out with other areas on the server as well!

    Remember to congratulate them when you see them! :D

    Either way guys, this is all for this weeks update! I will probably be doing a livestream in the weekend, so stay tuned for that! :D We might work a little on a suburban area there, as I think that could be a lot of fun!

    The ForeverPlay Team
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    The new map looks so awesome so far!!! So excited for the update!!

    Oh, by the way. I have a question that I posted on "FP 2.0 What's Happening" Page. (I didn't know you released a new update post till I posted my question... :p)