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    Global Ranks & What they mean for you!
    Hello members of Forever Play, we have recently implemented a global rank system, we hope that this change will improve our network and our lovely players (That's you guys!!) experience on our servers as we expand and improve your roleplay experience!

    But what does this mean for you? Well in the past you would have to buy ranks separately on our different servers, but this change means that you will only ever have to buy a rank once and it will apply throughout our entire network! So for example, you have a rank on our Roleplay Server? Congratulations! You now have a rank on all of our other servers too! We think that's fantastic and hope you guys do too!

    Visit the "Store" section of the website to view these ranks!

    Wowza! Take a look at all these perks you get for a one time purchase :O!

    Thank you all for reading this post, we hope this has informed you of this change and what it means for you, until next time! Bye bye everyone :)

    [​IMG]- Forever Play Staff [​IMG]
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