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    Jan 11, 2018
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    Hello other ForeverPlay members!
    I'm here with a potentially big creative player-driven project and everyone is welcome!

    I'm currently working on the warp point and the base design (roads, the bridge connecting spawn to the town, etc) of the town itself.
    There will be jobs so everyone will have something to RP as. Structures for the jobs will have to be built by the people who got hired for it, so creativity is a must.

    Currently, if anyone wishes to help with the town as it is right now, tell me so I can add you to the plot. Builders are all I need right now as the town itself isn't even set up entirely yet. The builders that end up helping will get a plaque on the Supporter Wall, with your username and contribution to the creation of the town in its current state.

    Thanks for reading and I hope I'll see you all there! :D