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    Hey, I'm a new player and I have a few questions.

    First, the /profile command isn't working for me.
    Second, I have been voting for the server the past week and it doesn't let me get a vote key. I also tried /rewards, still didn't work. (also posted this in the bug section of forums.)
    Third, how do you get points? I am trying to get them through the item hunting thing in the FAQ but don't find anything.
    Fourth, I can't get a job! I click on the NPC to get one and it says "you can't change that here" just like with voting (in bug section of forums as well).
    And finally, how do you get your name color changed? Do you have to buy/win a rank?

    Thanks guys, and I know I am stupid ;).
    XOXO DinoEatzBagels
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    /profile is currently disabled.
    I answered your voting question in your other post.
    Points are from voting, and the different tier lockers at /crates.
    Jobs are also currently disabled, and will be coming back with the 4.0 map.
    To change the color of your name, you need to have a donation rank. All the rank perks are listed on :)