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    Hello members of Forever play!

    Welcome to the Spooky October Prom; with a theme of Halloween!

    We cordially invite you to the official Halloween Prom this Saturday at

    8:00PM GMT+1 / 3:00PM EST

    Come join us on Plug.DJ to listen to some music during our spooktacular prom evening.

    Click Me for a link to Plug DJ!

    Click Me for an Invite to Discord!

    • Here we will open up the Event; welcome you with an introduction on Discord and in Game, feel free to roam around and explore the beach.
    • We will open up the Parkour area for your chance to win a FREE ITEM!
    • Join us on Plug DJ and Discord for music and voice chat.
    • 10 - 15 minutes of start up intermission.
    We will pick 2 winners for the Halloween Prom Spooktacular, participants will be teleported on stage and do a little twirl on the catwalk as they show off just how
    horrifyingly scary they are! Winners will be one male and one female!
    - Choice of 1 Halloween Event Cosmetic Bundle unlock!

    - Unique Tag Reward: Cthulhu & Shinigami
    - x4 Spooky Halloween Keys

    5 couples will be selected and invited up on stage where a straw-poll lasting 2 minutes will determine who will be crowned Prom King and Queen! Who will it be?!
    Dress up in your spookiest attire and it could be you!
    - Unique Prom King or Queen Tag
    - Prom Crown hats & A Rank upgrade!
    - x4 Spooky Halloween Keys
    Evil Eye Says: The Evil Eye will command you all to all to obey, if you don't then you'll be eliminated from the game! The last one standing and following the commands of the evil eye will be crowned the winner!

    Hide and Seek: The Staff online will be announced as Hiders, we will give them 1 minute to hide and then we will hunt them down. They will be allowed to hide ALL OVER the map so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you know your way around! There will be 2 rounds of Hide and Seek hosted!
    - Evil Eye Says: #1 Emerald Key, #2 Diamond Key, #3 Gold Key
    - Hide and Seek: x1 Gold key per winner
    This event is DISCORD EXCLUSIVE!
    This means you will not be able to participate unless you have Discord!

    This is a fun part of the evening when people sing their hearts out and bring us to tears with their lovely voices, after everyone has sang we will open up a public vote to determine who will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

    Diamond Keys to each winner!
    Group Photos: We're gonna keep going till we drop, cause this party is un-dead mwahaha!!
    Join us for our after party as we take group pictures that will be posted on our social media!

    Group Trick Or Treating: Join us as we all walk around the suburbs together!

    Murder Mystery: We're going to round off the night with a bit of mayhem with our murder mystery mode, it's a bunch of fun!!


    Thank you for joining us for this Month's Spooktacular Prom!

    We hope you enjoy this event celebrating the end of this summer season!

    Remember that all rules still apply and anyone found to break the rules will be dealt with accordingly!


    If you have any suggestions for future events, feel free to contact Hifey or post in the appropriate forum section...

    Until next time my lovelies, see you at prom!

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