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    Forever Play Official Towny Rules

    In this thread we will be going through the server’s rules. You are requested to read them thoroughly and follow them. Breaking any rules will result in punishments such as kick/mute/ban. These are all extra rules specific for Towny. You must follow both these and the Network rules.

    Towny Specific Rules:
    These listed offences are forbidden and will result in a temp-Mute/Ban, Player Reset or potentially a Permanent Punishment! All punishments are network wide.

    • Using Mods/Hacks/X-ray - The only Mods allowed are Optifine/Shaders. Using any other Mod/Hack is not allowed!
    • Auto Clicker - Any hack/key bind that allows you to click, without you being at your PC. This includes AFK fish farming.
    • Block Glitching - Glitching through Barriers/Blocks to get to people's private areas, can result in a temp ban and is under no circumstances allowed. This includes using ender pearls.
    • Traps and Player TP-Killing - You are not allowed to intentionally Trap people with intent to kill them. Player TP-killing/trapping can result in a full Reset of your Account and/or a temp ban.
    • Town Griefing - Stealing/destroying/building/abusing any claimed area that you do not own, is strictly prohibited. This includes placing lava/water and farming. (Includes trees)
    • Border Griefing - Destroying/building with any blocks, within 6 chunks (100 blocks) of any claimed land. To help check if theres claimed land around you, you can do < /towny map big >. The claimed areas will be shown as a plus sign.
    • Obscene Builds - Builds/content that are obscene/not pg will be removed and are not allowed.
    • Excessive Advertisements - This includes, shops, services, requesting/offering specific items.
    If you find a bug on the server please immediately report to the staff and/or the forums and do not abuse it or tell others! Anyone found abusing bugs will result in a punishment corresponding to the bug abuse.

    Keep in mind that adding people to your OWN plot is YOUR responsibility. If you add someone onto your plot who will grief, steal or harm your animals, it is on you. We will not offer compensation to you.

    However, abuse of your town rank (INCLUDING Mayors), to grief or steal is NOT allowed. Doing so, will result in a balance, inventory, and enderchest wipe, along with being removed from the town. You will also be subject to the appropriate regular punishment for breaking server rules.

    You should not add people to your plot that you do not trust!!

    Items dropped upon death in a PvP zone, are fair game. Staff are not responsible for returning lost items.

    Network General Rules:

    • Be respectful towards the players, staff and each other.
    • Do not ask for Ranks, Staff, OP or any advantages.
    • Keep everything PG.
    • Do not bend the rules.
    • Report bugs instead of abusing them.
    • Do not hack, cheat or scam.
    • Keep chat clean, do not use caps/spam/offensive chat.
    Ban/Mute Evading is forbidden! If you get caught using an alt while on Ban/Mute your alt will be punished equally. Sit back and reflect over your decisions, and accept your punishment.

    If you would like to read the detailed network rules, click here: http://www.foreverplay.net/threads/foreverplay-official-rules.2418/
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