Towny Survival Guide!

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    Towny Survival Guide

    What is Towny Survival?

    Towny is a survival game mode that allows players to start a town, sell/own plots, build a town under protection, and even protect yourself from hostile mobs. It allows people to gather and work together as a group. You can join a town or make your own, build your own shops and attractions, get jobs and even fight a dragon.

    Click here for a list of useful commands:

    General World Info:

    Since Towny is Survival, you are able to visit the nether and even find The End! To get to the Nether, you can use the portals at /spawn or for quick access type /warp nether. To get to The End (and maybe fight the dragon) you must find an end portal. These are located within strongholds. To activate the portal, you need to fill the frame with eyes of ender.

    On our server, along with the normal Overworld where your towns will be located, there is also a Resource world. This is a separate map, that is made purely for you to gather resources! You can do so with no worries of griefing or PVP. To get to the Resource world, you can use the portal at spawn. When you enter the portal, it will teleport you to a random location in the Resource world. This map will be reset monthly.

    Tip: The Overworld, Nether, The End and Resource are all separate maps. You are only able to build towns in the survival overworld.

    Town Info:

    A town is a collection of residents with one of them as the mayor. Towns cost $1,500 to create. Towns can have taxes, that will be automatically taken out once every 24 hours. Towns also have a town bank, that anyone is able to deposit into. Only a mayor and co-mayor can withdraw from the town bank. Towns have a daily upkeep that is also taken out every 24 hours (check with /towny time), and is taken out of the town bank. Upkeep cost is based on the town size. As you claim more town plots, your daily upkeep goes up by $5 per plot. A person can only be a resident of one town at a time. Towns are divided into pre-determined minecraft chunks (which you can view with F3 + G) and they are 16 blocks x 16 blocks. The plot size cannot be changed.

    Tip: If your town cannot afford the daily upkeep, it will fall, and become wilderness again, where anyone can grief.

    Plot Info:

    When you join a town, you are then able to claim any [For Sale] plots in the town that you joined. You are able to see if a plot is for sale, or if it owned by someone, simply by walking into the plot. You are able to own more than one plot, however it’s up to your mayor, how many is allowed per resident. The town mayor decides on what the plot prices are and when they put them for sale. Once you own a plot, you are able to add your friends, and then they are able to build/break/open chests on your claimed plot. You are also able to toggle various things on your plot, such as mob spawning and fire spread. Towns are able to create “Embassy” plots, which are plots you can claim, in a town you are not a resident of.

    How Do I Get More Plots?

    For each resident you add, your town will gain 8 plots that you are able to claim. For a Mayor and town staff, each plot that you claim from the wild, will cost the town $125, which is taken from the town bank. You must claim a chunk, that is on the edge of your already existing town.

    Nations and Outposts:

    A outpost is an area of land, that you are able to claim, that is not connected to your town. When you claim an outpost, it only claims one chunk, then you are able to claim around that. It costs $10,000 to claim the starting outpost plot. To expand your outpost, you must claim plots the same way you do for your town. Having an outpost, does NOT give your town bonus plots to claim.

    A nation is a group of towns, with one town being the leader. The mayor of the town that makes a nation, will become the King of the nation. Towns in the same nation, will then become allies. Once you make a nation, your town, and all the towns that get added, will gain 100 bonus plots that your town is able to claim. It costs $15,000 to create a nation.
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