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    Brand New Towny Survival has come to ForeverPlay!

    Hello to our adventurous members of ForeverPlay; today we bring to you one of the most exciting updates yet, a brand new Towny Survival Server! This server offers a unique experience that is different from our other servers, with the opportunity to explore the wilderness, survive with your friends, build towns and grind mcmmo levels! Check out these preview pictures! :)
    The survival has been expertly set up thanks to the special dedication of a few of our staff members, so I'd like you all to give an extra thank you to René, MistressBlue, ZombiePandah and Thornagator.
    They all worked super hard to make sure you guys have the best experience possible, balancing, testing everything, building, writing and recording these super helpful guides to help you with your time on the Towny!
    Towny also includes special words like the Resource World where you can mine and cut down to your hearts content with monthly resets to ensure you never run out of resources! Portals to the Nether and the Overworld where you can build towns, the possibilities are endless!
    So join us today on and click to join Towny Survival where a new world awaits you!
    [​IMG]- Forever Play Staff [​IMG]
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