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    Hello fellow Minecrafters! Today, I'd like to invite you to join the Town of Athens! Settled on a beautiful bay near multiple biomes, our town offers gorgeous sights, nice plots, and great shopping! Our town is welcome to all players who would like to join. Simply type /t join Athens and you'll be put into the town! After a visit to /t spawn or /warp mall, head around the town to purchase one of our plots and create your own builds. You're able to buy more than 1 plot if you'd like as well!

    Our town has a low tax rate of 2.5% and this is specifically to help the town grow. All money from taxes is put towards either our town shop, or new plots for new residents! The only other tax rate is a shop tax which will be implemented on November 1st that will be 4%.

    If you'd like to purchase an embassy plot in our town, please contact either me or Ginger_Hobo and we'll get one set up for you. There are no taxes on embassy plots, it just will cost an extra $50 per plot.

    Thank you for checking out the town of Athens! Stop on by at /t spawn athens or /warp mall today!
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    Is it still in existence to this day?